Isabell Lorey: Politics of Immunization and the Precarious Life
Politics of Immunization and the Precarious Life
(S. 259 – 269)

Isabell Lorey

Politics of Immunization and the Precarious Life

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  • Politik
  • Globalisierung
  • Körper
  • Theaterwissenschaft
  • Gemeinschaft
  • Performativität
  • Tanz
  • Soziologie

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Isabell Lorey

ist Politikwissenschaftlerin und unterrichtet an verschiedenen Universitäten Sozial- und Kulturwissenschaften sowie Gender Studies. Sie war u.a. Assistenzprofessorin für Gender und Postcolonial Studies an der Universität der Künste in Berlin und Nachrichtenredakteurin beim Fernsehen.

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Stefan Hölscher (Hg.), Gerald Siegmund (Hg.): Dance, Politics & Co-Immunity

This volume is dedicated to the question of how dance, both in its historical and in its contemporary manifestations, is intricately linked to conceptualisations of the political. Whereas in this context the term "policy" means the reproduction of hegemonic power relations within already existing institutional structures, politics refers to those practices which question the space of policy as such by inscribing that into its surface which has had no place before. The art of choreography consists in distributing bodies and their relations in space. It is a distribution of parts that within the field of the visible and the sayable allocates positions to specific bodies. Yet in the confrontation between bodies and their relations, a deframing and dislocating of positions may take place. The essays included in this book are aimed at the multiple connections between politics, community, dance, and globalisation from the perspective of e.g. Dance and Theatre Studies, History, Philosophy, and Sociology.