Time Probe Zero Synthesis
Time Probe Zero Synthesis


Where is the present when the computer pulses at the wrist every day, when we’re globally interconnected in real time but don’t take in our ­selves for a single moment, just bits and pieces, just snatching a few intensities, when neurons plus communication already makes a consciousness? Is it nothing but a hallucination, in permanent crisis? Does it stand still, get wider, poorer? How does the past change when systems record every second, saving them for the right moment or for...
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Dauerausstellung »Gesichtsüberwachungsschnecken« von Yves Netzhammer

05.09.2017 – 05.09.2018

U-Bahn-Station Altes Landgut (U1)
1100 Wien



D’où viennent et où mènent les sentiers battus du cœur ?
D’où viennent et où mènent les sentiers battus du cœur ?

Alexander Kluge, Gerhard Richter

26 décembre 2004

26 décembre 2004 : LA SAINT-ÉTIENNE. NOËL, UNE FORCE VENGERESSE. Les masses d’eau qui noient un continent, ne viennent pas en raz-de-marée. Elles ne viennent pas du bord de mer, elles ne s’abattent pas du ciel sur nous en trombes d’eau. Elles s’abattent en un déluge de boue sur nous et nos maisons. On ne peut ni nager ni plonger dedans. Elles déferlent trop vite pour qu’on puisse s’enfuir, car elles viennent par tous les côtés. Voyez comme cette colline mouvante,...
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Eric Baudelaire

A for Anomie

A for Anomie

The idea that terrorism and other forms of political violence are directly related to strains caused by strongly held grievances has been one of the most common explanations to date and can be traced to a diverse set of theoretical concepts including relative deprivation, social disorganization, breakdown, tension, and anomie. Merton (1938) identifies anomie as a cultural condition of frustration, in which values regarding goals and how to achieve them conflict with limitations on the means of achievement.

Gary LaFree and Laura Dugan, “Research on Terrorism and Countering Terrorism”, Crime and Justice, Vol. 38, No. 1, 2009.


B for Block or Blocked

If terrorism in each of its expressions can be considered an indicator of the existence of a political block (of an impossibility of reacting if one wishes to react differently), this influences its real ability to modify the situation. Terrorism has been historically more successful when it was not...