Empty Diagonal
Empty Diagonal

Mehdi Belhaj Kacem, Antoine d’Agata

Diagonale du vide

“If there is an artist capable of making these vacuums speak, it is d’Agata. To show what is not visible, to make present what can not be represented. There is a visual 'spectralism' about Antoine. It is about recording the spasms of humanity that is committing suicide, which has access to all the information needed to know what it is doing, and yet does nothing to revert the trend. We documented this suicide during a week of shared driving, of...
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Jochen Thermann

Ich hätte ihn nicht einstellen dürfen

Ich hätte ihn nicht einstellen dürfen. Dabei schien er geeignet, meinen regulären Koch zu vertreten. Schneider hatte sich krankgemeldet, und da es eine langwierige Geschichte zu werden drohte, hatte ich den stämmigen kleinen Mann, der nur gebrochen deutsch sprach, ohne viel Aufhebens eingestellt. Das Geschäft musste schließlich weitergehen, die Gäste waren hungrig.

Oft werden einem ja die komplizierten Beziehungen, die man unterhält und die von einem schwer entzifferbaren Codex begleitet werden, gar nicht klar. Erst wenn die Dinge aus dem Ruder laufen, erkennt man, wie gut zuvor die selbstregulativen Mechanismen griffen: wie Schneider seine Einkäufe organisierte, wie er seine Gehilfen anwies, seine Zutaten komponierte und wie treu er selbst daran interessiert war, das Geschäft voranzutreiben.

Der Aushilfskoch arbeitete vordergründig genauso. Er kaufte selbst ein. Er kochte ganz ausgezeichnet, und man lobte mich sehr für die überraschenden Geschmäcker, die der Hilfskoch Waldemar auf der Zunge meiner Gäste zum Vorschein brachte. Waldemar hatte eine...

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Diane Williams

How about some string?

I said “Would you like a rope? You know that haul you have is not secured properly.”
“No,” he said, “but I see you have string!”
“If this comes into motion—” I said, “you should use a rope.”
“Any poison ivy on that? ” he asked me, and I told him my rope had been in the barn peacefully for years.
He took a length of it to the bedside table. He had no concept for what wood could endure.
“Table must have broken when I lashed it onto the truck,” he said.
And, when he was moving the sewing machine, he let the cast iron wheels—bang, bang on the stair.
I had settled down to pack up the flamingo cookie jar, the cutlery, and the cookware, but stopped briefly, for how many times do you catch sudden sight of something heartfelt?
I saw our milk cows in their slow...



« Avis. Pas ­d’arrière-salle ici pour les dames. »
« Avis. Pas ­d’arrière-salle ici pour les dames. »

Joseph Mitchell

Le Merveilleux saloon de McSorley

»McSorley’s occupe le rez-de-chaussée d’un immeuble en briques ­rouges au 15 Seventh Street, tout près de Cooper Square, où se termine le quartier de Bowery. C’est le plus vieux saloon de New York, ouvert en 1854. En quatre-vingt-huit ans, il a eu quatre propriétaires – un immigrant irlandais et son fils, un policier à la retraite et sa fille –, et ils se sont tous opposés au moindre changement. Il a été électrifié, mais le bar est obstinément éclairé par...
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Maria Filomena Molder

So many egoists call themselves artists…

“So many egoists call themselves artists,” Rimbaud wrote to Paul Demeny on May 15, 1871. Even though that is not always obvious, ‘I’, the first person, is the most unknown person, a mystery that is constantly moving towards the other two, the second and third persons, a series of unfoldings and smatterings that eventually gelled as ‘Je est un autre’. That is why ‘apocryphal’ is a literarily irrelevant concept and ‘pseudo’ a symptom, the very proof that life, writing, is made up of echoes, which means that intrusions and thefts (Borges also discusses them) will always be the daily bread of those who write.

Words from others, words taken out of place and mutilated: here are the alms of time, that squanderer’s sole kindness. And so many others, mostly others who wrote, and many other pages, all of them apocryphal, all of them echoes, reflections. All this flows together into—two centuries...